Frivolité allemande / German tatted lace

20140120_fig109-frauberger-schiffchenspitzen-1921_watermarkTrouvé dans un livre de frivolité en allemand, datant de 1921 (Fig.109, livre ‘Schiffchenspitzen’, par Frauberger) et maintenant dans le domaine public, j’ai tout de suite apprécié les courbes de ce motif.

Réalisé en fil Lizbeth, taille 20, couleur ‘Seagreen dark‘ (#688), avec une navette et la pelote, il fait 9,5 cm de long et 6 cm de large. Je pense que deux navettes rendraient le travail plus facile et régulier. J’ai rajouté une ‘queue’ pour en faire un marque-page.

J’ai rajouté les instructions (en anglais) traduites de l’Allemand , ainsi qu’une photo annotée avec les nombres de nœuds après la version anglaise de ce message, pour ceux qui veulent faire ce motif.

Ce motif en frivolité aux navettes constitue mon neuvième ‘motif’ pour le ‘25 motif challenge‘. Vous pouvez retrouver tous les motifs que j’ai réalisés dans le cadre de ce challenge sur cette page.

I found this motif in a German Tatting book from 1921 (Fig. 109, book ‘Schiffchenspitzen’, by Frauberger), which is now in the public domain; I liked those curves right away.

This motif has been done in Lizbeth thread, size 20, color ‘Seagreen dark’ (#688), with one shuttle and the ball. It measures 9.5 cm long, and 6 cm large. I think it will have been easier to tat, and the result more regular, if worked with two shuttles. I added a tail in order to turn it into a bookmark.

I added some written instructions below, that I translated from German, as well as an annotated picture, if some of you are interested in tatting this motif.

This motif is my ninth one for the ‘25 motif challenge‘. You can find all the motifs I made during this challenge on this page.

******************** Update, Feb.11, 2014 **********************

J’ai finalement trouvé une application gratuite pour iPad me permettant d’annoter directement une de mes photos de frivolité. Donc voici le motif annoté. Les nombres de nœuds sont codés par couleur.

I (finally) found a free app (iPad) which enables me to annotate a picture of my tatting directly, so here is it. The stitch counts are color-coded.

Frauberger 1921, Fig109, p94-95

Et voici ma traduction du modèle:
Here is my try at the translation of this pattern:

Start with the middle top flower.
R: 8-4-8. Cl.
Ch: 10-10, LJ (to 1st picot of R), 8-8, LJ (to 2nd picot of R), 10-10. This chain forms the three ‘petals’ around the ring (center of the ‘flower’).
All the flowers are made with the same stitch counts.

As to where to make the joins and to which element, have a look at my picture.
*Ch: 5-10-8
Ch: 8
Ch: 8+10-10-10-8
Ch: 8-8-10-10-10-8
Ch: 8
Ch: 8+10-10-10-8
Ch: 8
Ch: 8+10-5 **
Flower (middle)
Repeat from * to **, joining the second side to the first one.


10 réflexions sur “Frivolité allemande / German tatted lace

  1. Claire, those curves appeal to me also! alas, I don’t think I’ll be trying to read the German instructions.

    I know what you mean about using 2 shuttles instead of shuttle-ball. It seems that you get more even tension with the weight of the 2nd shuttle. Lovely job!

  2. Oh my gosh, Claire, I just changed my mind. :O I am in LOOOOVE!~ Thanks for the linkie.

    That book has so many pieces in it that call to me!!!!! I can’t speak a lick of German, but the stitch counts are in a familiar form, and I MIIIIGHT be able to get Mom to help me here and there. I can muddle through French and Spanish, but German and I are complete strangers!

    • I don’t speak German either Grace. I used Google translate to get a rough idea of the pattern description.
      I could probably write down the instructions I gathered about this pattern if you are interested.
      Does any of you could advise me which application/software can I use to make a diagram?

      • I updated the post in order to include the ‘translation’ of the pattern at the end. Hope you will find it helpful.
        I actually wanted to use a picture of the motif, and then annotate it, but couldn’t find a free app (iPad) to do it. The ones I tried crashed before I could complete the task. 😦

  3. J’ai ajouté ma traduction des instructions pour ce motif, ainsi qu’une photo annotée avec les nombres de nœuds. J’espère que cela vous sera utile.

    I added my translation of this motif instructions, and also a picture annotated with the stitch counts. I hope it will be helpful.

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